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AAP Shehnai in Varanasi

AAP Shehnai in Varanasi

आज सुबह 5 बजे जब 'आप' के समर्थक चौसट्टी गली में शहनाई की धुन बजाते हुए निकले, तो मोदी मोदी चिल्लाने वाले लोग भी शांत हो गये और उन्होंने हमारे वालंटियर्स का चाय से स्वागत किया। पंडित मनोहर लाल शहनाई बजा रहे थे, कवीश के हाथों में गिटार था और समन और कुछ अन्य साथी वैषणव जन.… के सुर में  बनारस के गलियों में मीठा रस घोल रहे थे. बीच में बीजेपी की टोपी पहने कुछ लोगों ने चाय भी पिलाई, शांती से बैठकर चर्चा भी की और आप के विचारों से सहमती भी जतायी। इस तरह धीरे धीरे कई मोदी समर्थकों का मोहभंग होता जा रहा है. 

Why Modi’s ‘Ma Ganga’ rhetoric should make us cringe

There is nothing wrong with Modi aspiring to be the Hindu Prime Minister of India. But there is everything is wrong if Modi wants to be the Prime Minister of Hindu India. If he wants to be the former, then he needs to give us less of 'har, har Modi' and more of 'ghar, ghar Modi -- including those that pray to other gods. Read More

AAP ahead? What is it looking like after May 16

In every election around the world, a new first-timer party is likely to be evaluated low in opinion polls as neither the pollsters factor a new force in survey, nor do the voters come out vociferously in support of a newbie party though may participate in a silent revolution in its favour, as seen in the Delhi elections which proved all opinion polls wrong.

It is also proven by the real politics in the most talked about three seats of the country: Varanasi, Amethi and Rae Barelli. Read More

Why do all Apolitical people work for the BJP?

If ever a fan, a bhakt has to be defined, Hashmi Shams Tabreed would fir the copy book description. Examine some of his tweets below. And then ask yourself...if he is doubting the conduct of those who were attacked by the BJP itself, how credible is his story?  Read More

The sad truth of Sabarmati river, Gujarat

Back in 2010, the river Sabarmati was branded as the third most polluted in the country by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), with the highest volumes of F.Coli in the country. F.Coli in these stretches was found to be 2.8 million MPN (most probable number) in every 100 ml of the river. Read More

Reliance Industries want gas at more than $8

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) will raise the issue of gas pricing in arbitration proceedings against the government, as the company feels that even the price under the Rangarajan formula is "depressed" and well below the market level, RIL's lawyer Harish Salve told the Supreme Court on Thursday.

"Pricing will also go to arbitration. It is a highly disputed question," RILBSE -2.01 % counsel Harish Salve told a three-judge bench hearing twin. The PSC clearly refers to arms length marke .. Read More

Slowly, but surely the tide is changing in Banaras

Next was the local electronics shop.. news of modi's rally was coming.. Discussion started as the shopkeeper start wondering about how much money is he going to spend in these rallies.. "itna paisa yahan (rally mein) lagayega, phir 5 saal khayega..bachche kuche se vikaas karega".. "humko kya bevkoof samajh rakha baar vote hi nahi denge isko..".. I tried to talk positive about modi but he said.." zindagi pyaari hai hume apni.. dange kisi ke bhi against ho, marte hum sab hain... is baar imaandar ko hi vote denge..aur aap bhi dena.. agar aap jhadu ko nahi samajh paaye toh degree kis kaam ki tumhari".. I was feeling goose bumps inside me.. I gave him my cap and left happily after getting my old extension cord repaired.. Read More


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