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What are the protesting UPSC students demanding?

So what is it that the students are really demanding? In two words, Fair Representation. Fair representation comes in two forms. 

  1. Ability for non English speaking students to have a fair chance in the exam (currently the screening & scoring mechanism skewed in favour of those who speak English)
  2. The exam to be fair to students from Humanities background as well (currently skewed in favour of Science & Math students)
  3. For the qualifying comprehension – the quality of translation puts the folks taking the test at a disadvantage as the meaning gets distorted in translation and therefore students get their answers wrong
  4. For the language understanding paper – the level of English tests and the level of hindi tests when chosen as a second language are not the same. So students taking English as first language and hindi as second have an advantage over students taking regional language as primary and English as second. In the former case, students can score higher as the level of hindi is quite basic. In the latter case the level of English is high and students fall behind the former set.

Aam Aadmi Party believes that the students are taking up a just cause. Read More

E-Rickshaws - Why does AAP stand with them?

Here is why E-Rickshaws are important. Their advantages range from economics, efficiency and most importantly, environmental friendliness. 

1. Being battery operated, they produce no pollutants and hence are very eco-friendly. 

2. Cost effective for passengers

3. They reduce the country’s dependance of foreign oil and hence the ability to reduce the oil import burden of the country. 

4. Has one of the highest passenger to vehicle size ratio. This means, that is congested cities, these E-Rickshwas can become the most effective mode of public transport

5. Since they are relatively inexpensive, lots of people can be incentivised to own & operate these. They thus provide for a strong case of public/private cooperation in the area of public transport

Aam Aadmi Party respects the court’s order to ban them in the absence of any clear policy or regulation. It believes that the solution, therefore, lies in framing clear, practical policies for e_Rickshaws so that the court can lift the ban on these and they become a safe, efficient and most importantly, an environment friendly mechanism of public transport.  Read More

The role of the opposition

Is it to storm into the well of the house and disrupt proceedings of the house? BJP as the opposition in the UPA 2 regime certainly made it their ONLY role. Congress & others continue to return the favour to the BJP govt., by attempting to do the same. Read More

Scuttling inconvenient judicial appointments: The BJP way

Every trick in the trade will be used to compromise the independence of the judiciary. That is the signal that one gets from the manner in which Gopal Subramaniam’s appointment was scuttled by the Modi government. Consider the facts: 4 names including that of Subramaniam had been recommended for appointment to the Supreme Court by the 5 member collegium headed by Chief Justice Lodha. Subramaniam had been a former Solicitor General and had represented most important institutions in the country including the CBI in many cases and had acquitted himself with great distinction. ~ Prashant Bhushan Read More

Save Our Women

This piece brings out the details of the gory incident of rape & murder in Badayun, UP. 

This is the result of a systemic rot. It has happened before –maybe not in this defiant and intrusive way that challenged everything that existed, mocked every law ever made – but it has happened and it will continue to happen unless the caste divide disappears, unless laws change, unless education imparts what it is meant to impart, unless politicians care enough, unless men are sensitised, unless our rural areas begin to permeate into the active conscience of a society consisting of people like us who think that it is made only for us and till as such time as we see all of India as one, without this great divide and understand at a seminal level that this country belongs, in equal measure, to all of its citizens, at all times. Read More

Corruption and Legality

There is a common misconception, that if something is legal, then it is not corrupt. Most people in India make the mistake of equating corruption with illegality. This is not the case. A verdict of "guilty" usually means guilty of transgressing judicial legality (i.e. breaking a law). However, one may do something that is totally legal, yet it can demonstrate corruption.

Many Corporations employ an army of Lawyers, Accountants and PR personnel, to blur this divide (between illegality and corruption). They argue that because their acts were not illegal, they are not corrupt. From the recent CAG report on RIL, it has been revealed that RIL has inappropriately sunk many millions of dollars as the cost of producing gas in the KG-6 Oil basin, thereby reducing the government’s share of revenues. RIL can argue in Courts, again using these Lawyers and Accountants, that what they did is standard practice. Nothing illegal has been done! They further employ PR people to get the public to doubt if they have done anything wrong. Read More

MYTH: Biggest Beneficiary of Gas Price Hike will be the Government

Reliance (RIL) has made this argument that the biggest beneficiary of the gas price hike will be the Government since ONGC controls majority of India's reserves and any price hike will mean more money for the gas ONGC supplies

Reality: ONGC is Government controlled, so the Government paying the Government doesn't mean that the Government benefits Read More

What does the defamation case mean for Gadkari?

For the first time, Nitin Gadkari will have to provide answers to the following questions and these will be available in the public domain as well as for judicial interpretation. Nitin Gadkari will have to explain 

  1. How he aquired his property, power & sugar companies as well as the 100 acre land in Nagpur
  2. Why the addresses of certain Purti group of companies are incorrect? 


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