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arvind kejriwal

Is it a crime in India to expose corruption ?

The Aam Aadmi Party fully endorses the principled stand taken by its national convenor and former Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, of not accepting the condition of furnishing a bail bond in a case of defamation filed against him by former BJP President, Mr Nitin Gadkari.

The AAP does not agree with the order of the learned Metropolitan Magistrate, who has sent Kejriwal to judicial custody in the Tihar Jail, and the party has decided to challenge this erroneous order in higher courts.

Kejriwal’s fight against corruption requires wholehearted support of the citizens, since this evil needs to be completely eradicated for the country’s betterment and the AAP will take this anti-corruption battle to every corner of the country.


AAP vows to intensify Kejriwal's fight against corruption

The Aam Aadmi Party expresses complete solidarity with its national convenor Arvind Kejriwal in his fight against corruption.

The AAP totally disagrees with the decision of the learned Metropolitan Magistrate to send Kejriwal to judicial custody. There is no provision in law which makes it mandatory for a defendant against whom a complaint is filed in a defamation case to furnish a bail bond, particularly when he is ready and willing to be present in the court on the fixed date of hearing.

It is surprising that the court decided to send Kejriwal to judicial custody despite his lawyers expressing readiness to submit an undertaking that he will be present in the court during each date of hearing. Read More

Arvind Kejriwal’s statement to media

Aam Aadmi Party national convenor and former chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has issued the following statement to the media on May 21, Wednesday:

During the Lok Sabha elections, we went to many parts of the country and met people from all walks of life. We were told that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) consists of good and courageous people, who can take on rich and powerful to expose their misdeeds.

During the campaign, however, we also realised that a large number of people were quite angry with us for having quit the Delhi government. We were asked why did we leave the government ? We were also asked why did we go away ? This also gave our political opponents an opportunity to spread misinformation about us.

After considering all aspects, I apologise to the people, who wanted the AAP government in Delhi to continue. Our party wanted to know the reasons for the anger of the people against us and we were told that during 49 days in office, the AAP government had reduced the power tariffs by half, provided free water and corruption in public dealing had disappeared. Read More

BJP’s Campaign of Intimidation – A Report from Banaras

Suddenly a roar went up, as Modi sympathisers lunged after him shouting ‘pagal, pagal’ (mad/mad). A little distance ahead I saw another man wearing the AAP cap. The crowd spotted him too, and ran after them both, gesticulating, heckling. As I start walking quickly towards the men I saw them, seemingly unperturbed, walk right through the charging hoard, not a sign of nervousness about their gait. They were walking the confident walk of men who know no fear.

Half an hour later, some young BJP supporters standing on the raised platform dividing the street, turned and collectively pointed at a man and a woman walking past, also wearing AAP caps. Again the crowd roared at them: Modi, Modi. Once again I saw no fear, no rush to escape the hostility on the part of the targets. A vegetable vendor wearing AAP topi going through the crowds was sneered at. A scooterist was shouted at. Read More

AAP campaign reaches every corner of Varanasi

Pictures above are of Arvind Kejriwal's roadshow in Banaras. AAP is ensuring that the message of the fight against corruption and crony capitalism reaches every nook & corner of Banaras. Gul Panag & her team (see below) lead a bike rally in Kashi yesterday (May 8). Hundreds of teams of volunteers, in small groups are ensuring that the message of AAP reaches every home in Banaras.  Read More

Narendra Modi vs Election Commission: Why BJP's ‘Satyagraha’ in Varanasi is ironic

During Kejriwal’s road-show, a few people chanting Modi’s name thought it would be appropriate to throw eggs at his car outside the Kashi Vishwanath temple, while another gentleman, alleged BJP supporter, decided to welcome Kejriwal in ‘Shiv ki Nagari’ by throwing ink at his face. Senior AAP leader Somnath Bharti was beaten up black and blue, again by alleged BJP supporters, at Assi Ghat during a television programme. Fortunately, CNN-IBN’s national affairs editor, Bhupendra Chaube was around and rescued Bharti from the mob. 

Two AAP leaders, Ankit Lal and Nandan Mishra, faced the heat as well. They were injured when another mob of alleged BJP workers assaulted them towards April end. Ankit Lal still roams around with cotton in his ear. Read More

BJP goons did not spare women volunteers either

BJP attacks women volunteers of AAP

In a shocking incident yesterday (May 8) in Banaras, BJP goons pelted stones at AAP's women volunteers. The impact of the attack is visible from the image of the left. One of our volunteers was hit by a stone thrown at them and started bleeding from her forehead. A few days ago, a few other volunteers were thrashed mercilesslessly by BJP supporters at Assi Ghat.

A month after egg and ink, Kejriwal wins over many Banarasi hearts

The locals said the new party has given a new meaning to election campaigning and claimed that they had never ever witnessed such a sincere effort by any political party.BJP's former corporator from the city Sadhna Vedanti agreed AAP had edged passed them as far as public meetings and door-to-door campaign is concerned. Read More


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