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Foreign Affairs

Families of Indian workers in Iraq protest at Jantar Mantar

Atleast 3,000 Indians are still stranded in armed conflict hit Iraq and there is still no word on the plight of 39 workers abducted by the ISIS, who have now spent more than five weeks in custody. These families of stranded Indians (mainly from Punjab), are naturally worried for their safety and at least 40 such families have started a dharna at Jantar Mantar in the capital, demanding effective from the central government for their release.  Read More

India must stop purchasing arms from Israel

The Aam Aadmi Party demands that both Houses of Parliament should immediately pass unanimous resolutions condemning the completely unjustified Israeli attacks on Gaza and should not allow the Narendra Modi government to reverse the decades-old stand of the country on this important issue. The AAP also demands that the Indian government must seek action against Israel's repeated and widespread violations of human rights. It must stop purchasing arms from Israel, since these revenues appear to be used to oppress the people of Palestine.  Read More

Gaza situation - Govt stand highly disturbing

External affairs minister Ms Sushma Swaraj’s refusal to debate the Gaza situation in Parliamenton Wednesday is highly disturbing. 

The government’s silence at this crucial juncture violates the well settled principles of Indian foreign policy. It raises serious questions about the dangerous direction in which the Narendra Modi government appears to be taking the country's foreign policy. The government’s silence on the atrocities being committed in Gaza have lowered India’s standing in the international community. Earlier the UPA and now the NDA government, both have shown a gradual tilt towards Israel, but the latest action of the UPA government has hit a new low.

  Read More

AAP statement on the Gaza situation

We urge upon the Indian government to publicly call for a ceasefire in Gaza, allow doctors, medicines and all essential goods to get access into Gaza. Israel must compensate and pay reparation to the Palestinians for the extensive loss of civilian life and property.

We also call upon the government of India to support the call for an independent Palestine. These demands, specially for an independent Palestine are hugely important and both the Government and civil society must rise to support the Palestinian people and their struggle for justice, peace and independence. Read More

A helping hand for Indians stranded in Iraq

Several Indians are stranded in Iraq where a dangerous situtaion currently exists. Armed millitants have captured several cities, putting innocent civilians, including several Indians, at risk. AAP MP, Bhagwant Mann is working hard to provide ways to ensure that these Indians, most of whom dont have money to buy a ticket back to India, can safely make their way back home.  Read More

Govt should ensure safe return of those stranded in Iraq

The Aam Aadmi Party is extremely concerned about the deteriorating situation in Iraq and is worried about the well being of Indians stranded in the strife torn country. There are unconfirmed media reports that 40 to 50 Indians, most of them from Punjab, have been abducted in the city of Mosul, when they were being evacuated. The Ministry of External Affairs has said it did not confirm the incident of abduction but this group of Indian workers was untraceable. Read More

Statement on condition of Tamils and Indian fishermen in Sri Lanka

At the time when a new Prime Minister is taking office in India and has invited neighbouring leaders for his swearing in ceremony,  the  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would like to remind the Sri Lankan President Mr Mahinda Rajapakse and our new Prime Minister about the condition of Tamils in Sri Lanka as well as the repeated killings of Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan forces.

We demand the following: Read More

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