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Narendra Modi

Shahi Imam's decision is wrong

Translation: We have opposed the wrong policies of the Narendra Modi Govt and will continue to do so, however the decision of the Shahi Imam of Delhi to ignore the Prime Minister of India and go on to invite the Prime Minister of Pakistan cannot be termed correct under any situation. This is even more true in a situation when Pakistan continues to attack our soldiers on the border. One can have internal differences, but the Shahi Imam should not have invited the Pakistani Prime Minister.  Read More

Modi government forgets electoral promise, does nothing to curb inflation

The Aam Aadmi Party wants to remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi that his party in its manifesto had promised, “Our immediate task will be to rein in inflation.” The Aam Aadmi Party wants to ask the government what immediate steps it has taken so far to tackle price rise and food inflation. The BJP manifesto had also said that a group of Chief Ministers headed by the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had given a report to the centre in March 2011 detailing what steps could be taken to contain inflation, but the report was not acted upon by the UPA government. This report is now gathering dust in Mr. Modi’s office. If he thinks that his recommendations had some substance, it’s time for him to implement the same.

A simple observation of the retail and wholesale market shows that there is no serious supply constraint in case of onions. It’s only price manipulation by the middlemen which is causing steep rise in onion prices. Instead of importing onions to ease supply, dealing with hoarders with an iron hand would have yielded results and also would have saved precious foreign currency. But for that the government will have to crack the whip on hoarders and go beyond issuing customary advisories to state governments. Read More

Unearthing illicit money


Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

New Delhi


Dear Sir,


Sub: Unearthing illicit money


I must start by saying that we are all pleased to see the SIT mandated by the Supreme Court to tackle the growing menace of black money in India, has been set under the Chairmanship of Justice Shah. However, as a citizen of this country who is interested in the future well-being of this nation, and as a lawyer who has some experience in dealing with matters of corruption and money laundering, I feel that it is my duty to bring to your notice some facts and suggestions that are crucial for tackling this menace in any sort of meaningful manner.


If we are to have any meaningful impact in curtailing or eliminating the scourge of black money, we must first start by understanding why black money has become so all pervasive, and why, by some accounts, the size of the black economy is estimated to be orders of magnitude larger than the regular economy. Read More

Arvind's letter to Prime Minister on Power Crisis

Arvind Kejriwal has written to Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi on the power situation in Delhi and some actions that need to be taken to bring relief to the people of Delhi. He has also requested time for a short meetng with him on this issue. Full text of the letter is provided here.  Read More

Complaint to EC against TV channels

Aam Aadmi party is shocked to see the gross violation of the MCC by media houses & the ostrich approach of EC today on 12.5.2014 wherein TV News channels have been broadcasting Shri Narendra Modi’s live speeches. Headlines Today, IBN, Aajtak, Zee news etc telecast these speeches at 1130 am.  Read More

Acche Din Aane Wale Hai?

Suddenly, 30-40 people draped in saffron attire and wearing “Modi For PM” caps surrounded our vehicle and started to shout slogans to provoke us. Seeing themselves failing, they started to bang the front glass. Don’t lose me here on! Left confused about what was happening, I tried to see through the mob for Police help but all that I could see as far as my eyes allowed was  a saffron mob.  I could only see cracks developing in the front glass. The cracks were only getting prominent with each passing second and the sloganeering more abusive.  By now, our car was stuck in the middle of a road with hundreds of people yet none with us. One BJP supporter came by driver’s side and started hitting him on face. When I tried to reach out to him for help, I heard the sound of my own gate opening and felt someone pulling me from my collar from the side.  Meanwhile, the others barged into the tempo from behind and tore away all the posters, picked up all the campaigning materials and right in front of our eyes threw everything into the drain right there placing his leader on the
pedestal of the God with the “Har Har Modi” slogan. Read More

When BJP goons attacked me

AAP volunteer attacked

We were sitting in a car stuck in traffic near Ravidas gate, Lanka. Around 200-300 BJP workers surrounded our car and started banging on its glass windows. Those hooligans dressed in saffron caps and scarfs seemed to be scary. They were chanting modi....modi... and hitting our vehicle with their fists. If it would not have been Tata Safari, the glass panes would have got broken by the physical force of these 200 men. We three volunteers sitting in the car were terrified. I asked the driver to take the car away but he was helpless as the area was jam packed. 


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